Scientific Knowledge Material

All documents listed in this section are products of Kooperation Phytopharmaka. Please use our contact form for orders.


For the traditional use according to 109a of the AMG, the companies have, as is well known, until 31.12.2008 to make their "Transfer requests" ...
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Safety Assessment for homeopathic remedies

The Phytopharmaceutical Cooperation has scientific papers on file according to the CTD on:
• Berberis vulgaris
• Loofah operculata
• Strychnos ignatii Berg. and
• Strychnos nux vomica L.
If interested, please contact us ...
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Developments in Botanicals

The market for herbal preparations is in an upheaval. Previously herbal products were mainly used as drugs for matters of health and disease, now they ...
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Risk assessment of herbal substances/herbal preparations

The following documents on risk assessment of herbal substances/herbal preparations are available now and can be purchased from Kooperation Phytopharmaka:
Eucalyptus leaf
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List of Herbal Drugs

Our list of herbal drugs is scientifically revised on a regular base.
The pdf-document contains our list of herbal drugs.
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List of Herbal Drugs worked on by Kooperation Phytopharmaka

Members/ interested parties can purchase the scientific knowledge material at the Kooperation's office (prices on request).
The material which does not show a specific ...
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Drug list

Our drug list is constantly revised scientifically.
In the PDF documents below, you will find:
Past papers from 1970 - 1993
Papers on:
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Safety reviews of drugs

The following papers on safety reviews of drugs are available for purchase:
1. Allium
2. Angelica
3. Arnica
4. Artichoke
5. Avena
6. Betula
7. Cardui ...
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Paper on Phytoestrogens

We completed very detailed work in our working group on plant / plant constituents, on the safety and efficacy of phytoestrogens. Studies with preparations of ...
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