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Now available: "Medicinal plants in traditional medicine"

Medicinal plants in traditional medicineMedicinal plants in traditional medicine

The 4th edition of "Arzneipflanzen in der traditionellen Medizin" (Medicinal plants in traditional medicine) is available both in German and in English language. Besides the proof of traditional administration of a large number of medicinal plants in various indication fields collected over many centuries, the new edition focuses on current European developments. Directive 2004/24/EC offers the facility of a registration procedure for traditional herbal medicinal products. The testimonies on individual drugs researched from historical and modern literature by the authors can provide valuable clues on the administration in traditional medicine from pre-scientific times up to present.

Authors: Benedum, Eberwein, Loew, Schilcher, Steinhoff

Author: C. Schw÷ppe

Cover (4.14 MB)

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