Developments in botanicals

The market for herbal preparations is in an upheaval. Previously herbal products were mainly used as drugs for matters of health and disease, now they are increasingly classified as dietary supplements, balanced diets or medical products. Unchanged in innovative concepts and new product ideas beg the questions:

• What are the effect statements based on?
• What documentation is there on the health benefits in healthy people?
• What information is there on the issue of safety for use by humans?

The working group "Botanicals & Safety" of the Phytopharmaceutical Cooperation has set itself the goal of preparing the available bibliographic information on the health benefits for humans and risks of using plants in the food sector. The group is working exclusively with plants or plant parts, for which there is either the EMA monograph for use as a traditional herbal medicine or a German drug licensing.

Related papers are already available for:

• Broccoli
• Cranberry
• Green tea
• Peppermint
• Punica
• Sea Buckthorn
• Schisandra
• Tomato

These papers offer interested companies a basis for decision-making regarding further product development and act as a guide in the design of new tests to cover open questions, for example in the context of applications for the authorisation of "Health Claims".

Please do not hesitate to contact the Phytopharmaceutical Cooperation for an offer!

23.02.2010| Author: Cornelia Schw÷ppe
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