Green light for your health
The green prescription and its meaning

The green prescription is not a second class medicine, but a first class doctor's recommendation!

Drugs that are characterised by a high compatibility with efficacy and few side effects are not usually available on prescription. This includes most herbal supplements (herbal remedies). These are proven to be effective, mostly very inexpensive and because they are well tolerated they are popular with patients and doctors alike. Drugs that have a stronger effect on the body and cause more side effects because they have a special active ingredient or more complex active components, require more stringent medical monitoring and documentation, which is guaranteed by the prescription requirement.

The green prescription

Unfortunately the GMG (Gesundheits-Modernisierung-Gesetz [Health Modernisation Act]), does not explain to you, the consumer, why herbal medicines have been taken out of the reimbursement obligation. For you, it seems that they have no efficacy. Whereas in fact the exact opposite is true.
Each drug must apply for authorisation from the BfArM (Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Products). This authorisation must prove the efficacy, safety and quality otherwise the product cannot go on the market.

The BAH (Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers) has distributed the Green prescription in large quantities to the medical practices in Germany. With a legal provision on the Green prescription, the patient receives a prescription with the technical and medical confirmation that this drug is right for them.

So why the green prescription?

The big advantage of this prescription is in the detailed specification of the prescribed preparation, its name, dosage and administration recommendations. This ensures that the patient receives exactly the medicine and therapy that is best suited to them. In addition, it can in many cases be used as evidence of extraordinary costs of health measures in tax returns.

Have faith in the "green prescription" and request it from your doctor. Only then can the trust of doctors and patients in herbal medicine grow again.